The ARAKI Style

Management philosophy

Social contributions
We contribute to society and aim to be a company required from the local community.
Self-growth / business growth
All of our employees bloom their own ability and keep growing and responsibility to grow as a permanent company.
Financial strengthening
Consolidate the financial base and aim to be a strong company.

Standards of conduct – ARAKI Style –

Active – Keep moving –
ARAKI Group is always active and all of our employees seek new business activities. We aim to be No.1 company by being active.
ARAKI Group is a company fulfill the responsibility. All employees are independent and continue to reform the status quo for Customer satisfaction.
Aggressive – Active & aggressive –
ARAKI Group will make the active and aggressive corporate activities. All of our employees always aim for the next stage and will continue to move forward.
Know how
ARAKI Group shares the know-how and pursue customor’s interests. We provide a variety of techniques that were acquired in the business activities in order to increase the benefit of our customers and we will grow together.
Interest – Interest & fun –
ARAKI Group aims to be a company that gets interested from all of the people in our relationship. Aware of the customer’s line of sight, we aim to be a interesting company for our customers.
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